No Dig Gardens

No dig gardening

We create many new garden beds each year here at van Veen Organics and we are not fans of heavy labour just for the fun of it or because double or triple digging is what they do on the gardening shows on tv. In fact digging up a whole area of soil is more likely to be doing more damage than it is solving.

This is due to the fact that every time you dig into your soil you are potentially killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. These organisms play a virtual role in breaking down nutrients to make them available for your plants easily use. Easy no dig gardens can be created by firstly snipping down grass or unwanted planted, then scattering fertiliser (quality complete organic pellets or compost) in the garden area. Then layering a cover of newspaper or cardboard over the top and covering with mulch and watering the area.

After a week or two you will be able to dig just a small hole and plant your desired plants. Weed out any undesirable plants as they emerge in the following weeks while you are watering the new plants, settling them in. That is it you’re all done and you have a newly planted garden without hard weeding or digging and in a way that promotes healthy soil and plants.