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Apple ‘Tropic Sweet’ – Malus domestica


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These delicious and crunchy apples only require a low amount of chill to fruit. Very similar to the Jonathon apple in looks and flavor. Best when planted with another low chill pollinator such as Anna or Dorsett Golden.

Introduced by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station in Gainesville, this hybrid of ‘Anna’ bears sweet apples on trees that perform well in mild and subtropical climates.

For best fruit productions, provide moist but well drained soil. Ripening in late spring or early summer, the spherical to conical fruits have greenish-yellow, red-blushed skin. The flesh of this dessert apple is sweetly flavored. The fruits keep well for several weeks. Unlike most apples, ‘Tropic Sweet’ does well in areas such as central Florida that have mild winters and hot humid summers. For maximum production, plant it near another apple that blooms at the same time (such as ‘Anna’).

There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own apple trees. The domestic apple is most commonly a medium-sized tree with a rounded to oval canopy. It originates from southeastern Europe, Siberia, and southwestern Asia and has been in cultivation for thousands of years. In spring, these trees offer sweet, fragrant flowers of light pink, white or rose, and in fall reward us with crisp, juicy apples.

While the domestic apple prefers full sun and well-drained soil, it will tolerate light shade and bouts of drought. Most apples are grafted onto rootstock that provides a wide range of benefits such as vigor, pest and disease resistance and dwarf stature, depending on the stock.