Blueberry ‘Powderblue’ Vaccinium spp.


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‘Powderblue’ Blueberry bushes are high yielding blueberry plants. ‘Powderblue’ are large berries that are light blue with a soft dusting that resembles powder. These berries hang in clusters and have a wonderfully sweet blueberry flavor.

The ‘Powderblue’ Blueberry Bush is a mid to late season rabbiteye cultivar with an upright growth habit. Cross pollinate the Powderblue Blueberry with the Brightwell Blueberry for better production.

Blueberry plants are Deciduous to Semi-Deciduous, they require full sun in well drained acidic soil. Size from 1.5m to 3m tall with a medium growth rate. Has white flowers in spring and autumn followed by medium sized blueberry fruit.