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Blueberry ‘Sharpblue’ – Vaccinium spp.


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Southern Highbush Chill Hours: 200 Harvest: Early season. Bush Habit: Upright, spreading bush reaching 1.5 – 2m tall with green foliage in Autumn. Fruit: Medium, robust flavored berries.

Sharpblue is the leading and most adaptable variety in low chill areas throughout the world. Great for milder zones, it requires only 200 chill hours. Sharpblue will bloom and fruit almost year round, with foliage remaining nearly evergreen. We recommend Sharpblue in areas with mild winters where frosts are uncommon.

Delicious, exceptionally nutritious, high in bioflavanoids. Warmer climates can enjoy growing blueberries by choosing one of the Southern Highbush varieties. These require fewer chill hours than the Northern Highbush. Consider climate suitability, ripening season and fruit size when selecting varieties and include at least two different varieties for cross?pollination and fruiting (any two varieties will do, regardless of ripening time). Grow in acidic, well?drained soil.