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Lesser Galangal – Alpinia Officinarum


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A native ginger from IndoChina, extensively used in the region’s recipes. It gives a strong peppery bouquet to dishes and vinegars, and has antibiotic properties as well. The brownish-red finger-like rhizomes of the plant are used-either sliced or as a dry powder. The rhizomes can be harvested from Lesser Galangal grows to 1m in height, and has large attractive leaves and a red inflorescence.

To grow it, plant rhizomes 30cm apart when the soil has warmed up after winter, and keep moist but well drained. Compost will be appreciated by plant, and harvesting can be done by early winter. Harvest rhizomes from the edge of the clump, leaving some to keep growing in the soil.

All information provided?is for informational purposes only. Please seek professional advice before medicinal use of any plants.?

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