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Malabar Chestnut – Pachira aquatica


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Malabar Chestnut also known as provision tree and money tree.

Family: Bombacaceae.

The tree is cultivated for its edible nuts, attractive edible flowers and leaves. The nuts grow in a large woody pod and have a?brown and white striped shell which is easy to peel open. The can be eaten fresh and raw and are said to taste better than?peanuts. Malabar chestnuts are very versatile and?can also be?boiled, roasted, fried or ground into flour to make bread and hot drinks.

Native to tropical rainforests of Central and South America and Mexico, where it often grows in swamps. It can grow in full sun?or part shade and prefers well drained moist soil.It can grow 5-10 metres high when fully matured.

Traditionally the bark was used medicinally for anemia, low blood pressure, fatigue and as a strengthening tonic.

They become popular as houseplants in Japan and East Asia where the young plants were plaited and called Money tree and were thought to bring?good financial fortune.


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