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Peachcot – Prunus persica x Prunus armeniaca


Plants are around 1-1.5m tall in 6L plastic grow bags.

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A self fertile smallish tree, the peachcot is a cross between a peach and apricot. It has a medium ? large sized fruit with a smooth skin and yellow, sweet, juicy flesh, ripening late in the season. Likes full sun and shelter from winds and frosts. Peachcots are great eaten fresh, preserved and used in baking or pies and tarts. They grow best in a sunny, sheltered position in loamy, free-draining soils. Height: 3m.

Peach is a deciduous tree reaching up to 5m in optimum conditions. Fruiting throughout the summer months and into early autumn for later varieties. They prefer a well-drained, slightly limey, loamy garden soil with excellent drainage. A high nitrogen (NPK) fertiliser in spring will also benefit. It is imperative that these trees have full light conditions, to reduce wood dying from excess shade. It is said that it is best to prune in the mid summer period. Since peaches grow on the lateral growth made in the previous season, prune to remove the previously fruited older wood and carefully thin and space out the new seasons fruiting wood.

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