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Stingless Bee Hive (2 Tier) Tetragonula Carbonaria


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Tetragonula carbonaria (previously known as Trigona carbonaria) is a stingless bee endemic to Australia. Their common name is Sugarbag bee. The bee is known to pollinate the orchids Dendrobium lichenastrum, D. toressae, and D. speciosum. It has been identified as an insect that collects pollen from the cycad, Cycas media.


T. carbonaria forms honeycombs in their nests.[ The bee produces a consumable honey where the whole nest is sometimes eaten by Indigenous Australians. The bees “mummify” invasive small hive beetles (Aethina tumida) that enter the nest by coating and immobilizing the invader in wax, resin and mud or dirt from the nest.

When the bees do go to war with other hives, they use their teeth to fight their opponents to the death with.


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