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Tropical Apple ‘Anna’ – Malus domestica


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Apple tree (Malus domestica) produces a pomaceous fruit and it is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. The tree is small and deciduous, reaching 5-12 m tall, with a broad, often densely twiggy crown. The leaves are alternately arranged simple ovals 5-12 cm long and 3-6 cm broad on a 2-5 cm petiole with an acute tip, serrated margin and a slightly downy underside. Flowers are produced in spring simultaneous with the budding of the leaves. The flowers are white, five petaled, 2.5-3.5 cm in diameter, white with a pink tinge that gradually fades. The fruit matures in autumn, and is typically 5-9 cm diameter (rarely up to 15 cm). The centre of the fruit contains five carpels arranged in a five-point star, each carpel containing one to three seeds.

Apples are self-incompatible and must be cross-pollinated to develop fruit.

Anna’s fruit is attractive, large, light greenish-red, slightly acidic, but sweet and crisp. Crop is light, but it is a reliable fruit producer, even when young. It also has a low chill requirement suitable for subtropical conditions.

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