Vietnamese Mint – Persicaria odorata


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Vietnamese Mint is a creeping perennial which grows about 20-60cm high, it can reach up to 80cm in ideal conditions. Small pink flowers appear In spring and summer. It prefer filtered sun?and part shaded positions with moist soils. This plant is native to South East Asia and?does very well in warm tropical regions.

It?is used for?its peppery or hot minty taste in cooking.?It is used almost the same as coriander and is?very popular in Vietnamese and South East Asian cuisine,?where it is added during cooking.?Vietnamese mint is often used in rice paper rolls and in salads as well.

Vietnamese mint is used?to improve skin condition. Some other traditional uses of this plant?include: reduce fever,?an anti-inflammatory for wounds,?improve acne, reduce nausea, aid digestion and stomach complaints, to improve hair and skin condition, use as a diuretic and as an overall health tonic.

All information provided?is for informational purposes only. Please seek professional advice before medicinal use of any plants.?