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Wampi – Clausena lansium


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Clausena lansium, also known as a wampi (Clausena wampi), is a species of strongly scented evergreen trees 3?8 m tall, in the family Rutaceae, native to southeast Asia.

The leaves are smooth and dark green in color. The flowers appearing in late March are white, with 4-5 petals, about 3?4?mm diameter. The fruit is oval about 3?cm long and 2?cm in diameter, containing 2 to 5 seeds that occupy ~ 40-50% of the fruit volume. The tree reaches a maximum height of 20 meters. It grows well in tropical or subtropical conditions and is susceptible to cold. Wampi trees grow well in a wide range of soil but prefer rich loam.

It is cultivated for its fruit which resemble grapes in appearance and are popular in China, Vietnam and the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. The tree is less frequently grown in Queensland.

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